September 2023’s cash recipient

September 2023’s cash recipient was Impact A Hero

Impact A Hero expanded to Houston a few years later during a book signing event, where Mr. Lynch met Jim Hoelker of Sugar Land, Texas, and Neil Bush of Houston. With their help and the help of many volunteers, the first Impact A Hero Weekend was hosted for severely wounded veterans in Sugar Land in 2005, and included a 5K, gala and golf tournament. The Impact A Hero annual weekends that followed helped to foster and strengthen relationships, support common bonds and experiences, healing, and fellowship.

“We are all here in one fellowship expressing our deepest gratitude to those who have served for our freedom”. – Richard Lynch, IAH founder. 



May 2023’s cash recipient

May 2023’s cash recipient was Small Steps Nurturing Center

Small Steps Nurturing Center’s accredited program provides a high-quality education, social and emotional support, a nurturing Christian environment, transportation, and nutritious meals to economically at-risk children ages two through six living in poverty in Houston, Texas.


February 2023’s cash recipient

February 2023’s cash recipient was The Ballard House

Our Mission is to provide temporary housing in our community with a warm, safe environment for individuals and their families who are hospitalized or receiving treatment for a serious medical condition at no cost.


November 2022’s cash recipient

November 2022’s cash recipient was Reach Unlimited

At Reach, we believe that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to live a life full of joy, purpose, and accomplishment in a safe and caring environment.

Reach Unlimited provides the most comprehensive programs and services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Houston northwest – serving nearly 300 individuals annually.


September 2022’s cash recipient

September 2022’s cash recipient was Second Servings Houston

Second Servings’ mission is to alleviate hunger and reduce waste in the city by rescuing surplus food from businesses and conducting free same-day delivery to approved charitable meal sites. As the only prepared and perishable food rescue organization in Houston, we are growing exponentially and now reach approximately 175,000 people annually. We deliver high-quality, fresh food to over 90 Houston-area shelters, soup kitchens, low-income housing and other nonprofits from our generous donors, such as distributors, retailers, hotels, sports venues, etc. This perfectly edible food helps nourish abused women and children, at-risk youth, veterans, adults in recovery, disabled homeless seniors, low-income single adults and families and many others. Delivering the food at no cost allows our nonprofit partners to save a significant amount in their food budget, enabling them to serve more people, provide additional services and pay overhead costs.


June 2021’s cash recipient

June 2021’s cash recipient was The Council on Recovery .

Since our founding in 1946, The Council on Recovery has been at the forefront of helping individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. As these diseases continue to affect society, our relentless efforts with prevention, education, treatment, and recovery are helping heal our community one person at a time.

September 2019’s cash recipient

September 2019’s cash recipient was Camp Hope .

  • PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring to our combat veterans and their families with post traumatic stress. Many warriors are coming home with visible wounds; countless others are coming home with scars we cannot see, wounded souls from witnessing the horrors of war over and over again – PTSD. We feel it is our duty as Americans to help these mighty warriors and their families adjust and find their new normal.
  • It is our turn to step up with other excellent existing community organizations and help those that have fought and sacrificed so much for us. We are faith-based in our approach and have a great history of providing hope and healing to those experiencing the unseen wounds of war. We offer a safe place where no one is judged, everyone is supported, and everything a warrior says or is revealed is confidential within the group.
  • We would like the opportunity to train and/or help form groups within your community for warriors & their families to reach out to. Our teams consist of Veterans, Active and Reserve Service Members as well as civilians that have a heart for the military and their families. We have active, reserve and/or veterans from every war up to World War II that are coming to our groups. Warriors that we have worked with have learned how to heal and cope with PTSD to find their “new normal” and are now are reaching out to other warriors to let them know that there is hope in the darkness and they are NOT alone.

Please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do to provide hope for the warriors in darkness and the families who love and support them.

May 2019’s cash recipient

REDCOLLAR RESCUE is an all-volunteer, 501 (c) (3), non-profit animal welfare organization located in Houston, TX. We are dedicated to rescuing and providing medical care, foster care, training and adoptive placement to animals who have been abandoned to die in high-kill shelters or on the streets. REDCOLLAR RESCUE does not discriminate based upon breed, age or health of the animal. We assume full responsibility for all of the animals we rescue, and make every effort to ensure they are healthy and happy and placed into safe and loving forever homes.

February 2019’s cash recipient

February 2019’s cash recipient was The Way Home .

The Way Home is an agency for youth who are lingering in foster care and at risk of being emancipated with no stable or safe environment. Our mission is to provide these children with permanent homes and relationships by recruiting and supporting adoptive families.

Our vision is to find loving families for every child waiting in foster care, regardless of age. Learn all about what they do by visiting they’re website below.

December 2018’s cash recipient

Decembers 2018’s cash recipient was Nehemiah Center.

Nehemiah Center’s mission is to provide assistance to low income families who are invested in seeking a better future for their children through education, emotional wellness and spiritual enrichment.

Our motto is “Neighbors helping neighbors create a safe haven in which children are motivated, inspired and equipped to realize their God-given potential”.

Through generous donations, we work to alleviate the financial burdens they may have during their recovery. Learn all about what they do by visiting they’re website below.

September 2018’s cash recipient

September 2018’s cash recipient was Texas Volunteer Firefighters Relief Fund. For more than 22 years, the Texas Volunteer Firefighters Relief Fund has devoted its energy to assisting volunteer firefighters when they experience catastrophic events in their lives. These heroes work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, and when catastrophe strikes in their lives, the support they need is not always there.

Through generous donations, we work to alleviate the financial burdens they may have during their recovery. Learn all about what they do by visiting they’re website below.

May 2018’s cash recipient

May 2018’s cash recipient was Child Advocates. They appoint volunteers to break the vicious cycle of child abuse. Learn all about what they do by visiting they’re website below.


February 2018’s cash recipient

February 2018’s cash recipient was FamilyPoint Resources. Check out the great things they’re doing for Houston.


November 2017’s cash recipient

November 2017’s cash recipient was The Forge for Families. Check out the great things they’re doing for Houston.


August 2017’s cash recipient

August 2017’s cash recipient charity was Have Shears Will Travel. Check out the great things they’re doing for Houston.


May 2017’s cash recipient

May 2017’s cash recipient charity was The Landing – fighting human trafficking in Houston. Check out the great things their doing for Houston.


February 2017’s cash recipient

February 2017’s cash recipient charity was Kids Meals Houston. Check out the great things they’re doing for Houston’s kids.


November 2016’s cash recipient

November 2016’s cash recipient charity was Search Homeless Services. Check out the great things they’re doing for Houston’s homeless.