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Wednesday June 23, 2021


The Goode Co. Armadillo Palace

5015 Kirby Drive

Houston, Texas 77098

$ 105,195

Total we've raised for Houston charities so far!


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Our February meeting was recently featured on KHOU 11's segment "Standing for Houston" with Shern-Min Chow. If you didn't get to see it live, you can view it here.

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Most Recent Winning Charity

Camp Hope

  • PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring to our combat veterans and their families with post traumatic stress. Many warriors are coming home with visible wounds; countless others are coming home with scars we cannot see, wounded souls from witnessing the horrors of war over and over again – PTSD. We feel it is our duty as Americans to help these mighty warriors and their families adjust and find their new normal.
  • It is our turn to step up with other excellent existing community organizations and help those that have fought and sacrificed so much for us. We are faith-based in our approach and have a great history of providing hope and healing to those experiencing the unseen wounds of war. We offer a safe place where no one is judged, everyone is supported, and everything a warrior says or is revealed is confidential within the group.
  • We would like the opportunity to train and/or help form groups within your community for warriors & their families to reach out to. Our teams consist of Veterans, Active and Reserve Service Members as well as civilians that have a heart for the military and their families. We have active, reserve and/or veterans from every war up to World War II that are coming to our groups. Warriors that we have worked with have learned how to heal and cope with PTSD to find their “new normal” and are now are reaching out to other warriors to let them know that there is hope in the darkness and they are NOT alone.

Please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do to provide hope for the warriors in darkness and the families who love and support them.



Quite simply we are a group of guys who want to make a powerful impact on our community in a short period of time.

We meet quarterly to get together for drinks and invite three local charities to present their organizations to us.

Each member votes on the charity they feel is most deserving and the winning charity takes home a minimum of $100 donations from each member.

In 2019 we decided to hold 2 combined meetings with 100 Women's group and keep 2 meetings for just men. Also we are adding "charity themes" to each meeting.

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